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Social Media like Facebook and Instagram can be overwhelming when you start out. It demands a lot of time and you may feel stuck and lost. That’s
exactly why we on Communify Media exists. We are here to help you and your company build a strong Social Media precense. The first thing we will do is to setup a clear marketing-stratregy that fits your company and your existing clients need. When we have the strategy ready we will start to split-test different ads to see which converts the best. When we have proof which ad that works best its easy for us to target your ideal-clients. Of course we only post content of the highest quality. We want your followers to look forward to your posts and then interact when we do a post for you. When you have build a strong Social Media following it is much much easier to convert those followers to buyers.


Its very important to use good copy that helps you sell more. It does not matter if you sell products or services. Without good copy you are leaving a lot of money on the table. The best way to get well written sales copy for your website, blogs and Social Media accounts are of course to hire a Copywriter. The copywriters job is to do exactly that. Write copy that helps you sell more.

Logo-design: If they don’t see you they cant buy from you. That is pretty obvious you would think but still there are plenty of companies out there who don’t have a logo or have a really cheap looking logo. We will help you create an “look at me” logo that people remember and that makes people want to buy from you. A great logo can help you make tons and tons of sales even before the clients know what you offer. Lets make your brand memorable


To be able to build a strong brand you will need a clear branding-strategy. Unfortunately this is a part where many companies fail. If you don’t have a
clear goal to aim for it’s a lot harder for the employees to know what you stand for. We will help you build a clear branding-strategy to make it easier for you and your employees to build a strong brand you all are proud over. Today a brand can be worth a lot of money. We will do everything in our power to make your brand as famous as possible and sought after for both employees and clients.


To find and reach out to new clients may very well be a direct reflection of how succesfull your business is going. If you as many others struggle with this I have good news for you. We will help your company find and reach out to new clients with help of several proven systems so you can increase your sales as soon as possible.


We create and optimize customized websites. We make landing-pages, salesfunnels and of course bigger websites and webshops including blogs. It all depends on what you as a customer want. One of the most important things when it comes to making your website show higher on different search-engines is to have your own texts and pictures on your website. We will also make sure your website don’t have a lot of grammar or spelling mistakes. We and you both want your potential clients to get a professional impression of you. To complete your awesome website we will make sure to have a clear CTA ( Call to Action) so the clients know what they
should do next.

After we have finished your website we make sure to keep it updated and relevant. We can send you monthly visitor analytics if it’s in your interest and we can also teach how to see that information by yourself.


Videos is by far the best way to grab peoples opinion online. Its expected that 79% of all content online will be video in 2019. Youtube alone have over 1 billion visitors every month, and different video features on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat gets more popular for every day that goes by. We want to help you create the best videos out there. We will do everything from planning the video, to setting up the material to making the video and also edit it and release it on different platforms. We also make video-ads and can promise you that you will increase your leads with help of video.

Photography: We also offer different kinds of photography. For example we can take pictures to your social media content, pictures of your products or your staff and even pictures of your working spaces. It does not matter if you want pictures taken with a drone or from the ground we are more than happy to help!

Reach out today and we will guarantee to increase your sales.


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